Federal Funding

EXIST Transfer of Research by the Federal Ministry of Economics

EXIST is a support program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) aimed at improving the entrepreneurial environment at universities and research institutions and at increasing the number of technology and knowledge based business start-ups. The EXIST program is part of the German government’s “Hightech Strategy for Germany” and is co-financed by funding of the European Social Fund (ESF).
EXIST Transfer of Research promotes technology-based business start-up projects in the pre-start-up and the start-up stage. EXIST Transfer of Research complements the broadly targeted EXIST Business Start-Up Grants with an excellence-oriented measure for high-tech start-ups.
The founding team of Eovent received financial support by the first phase of EXIST Transfer of Research to provide proof of the technological feasibility of the product idea and to prepare the business start-up. In 2013, Eovent will get in the program’s second phase to continue product design and solicit external funding for the company.
Investing in Eovent

Investing in the future.

We are looking for investors who believe as much in our business as we do because we want to grow our business with the financial support and the experience of a strong and long-term oriented partner. We are especially looking for strategic corporate investors, but also angel investors or venture capital firms are welcome to help us to achieve our corporate mission.

If you want to learn more about investment opportunities at Eovent, please contact Markus Marnett by email at moc.tnevoe@ttenram.sukram
Becoming a partner

Become our partner

Eovent is a specialist in designing economically optimized wind turbines. For everything else, we team up only with best-in-class contractors or research institutions. Such partners are important for Eovent throughout the whole supply chain.
If you want to learn more about about how to become a partner of Eovent, please contact Markus Marnett by email at moc.tnevoe@ttenram.sukram
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